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Cross-cultural Essay Examples

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The value of cross-cultural studies

A cross-cultural study examines human behavior by comparing members of at least two different societies. Comparing two groups that differ only in terms of culture allows researchers the opportunity to determine whether certain traits, behaviors, and practices are culturally bound. In addition to differentiating contextual factors, like socioeconomic status and education, from cultural factors, cross-cultural…

Cross-Cultural Interview and Summary

For this interview, I invited a 32 year old single, Indian male who had been a resident of the United States for more that 10 years. He is a resident of San Jose California. However; he is always designated in different parts of the country. He is currently working as a Software Engineer in one…

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Masai community has been living in the northern parts of Tanzania and the semiarid part of Kenya where they have retained strongly their cultural identity through out the modernization era. Due to their geographical areas of occurrence being characterized by harsh weather conditions they have adapted to nomadic form of livelihood where they keep shifting…



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Cross-cultural Communication

Language is playing nowadays one of the most important roles in cross-cultural communication, because it is a door into new culture and traditions. Cross-cultural communication arouses great interest compared with that of several decades ago. It means that the future success of a person mainly depends on his ability to use language and to communicate…

Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Identity

I grew up in a country whose native language is not English. But I grew up learning the English language nevertheless. In my home, we had access to English shows which I was constantly exposed to at a very young age. This is the reason why I learned English without much conscious effort. The language…

Cross Cultural Values and Ethics

The terms high context and low context were first used by Edward Hall and they are used to explain the underlying cultural differences between societies. In high context cultures, a lot of the information is either internalized in an individual or it is in the physical context. This means that in this form of culture…

Cross cultural values and conflicts

The modern society is made up of different cultures which are constantly interacting with each other. This interaction helps in the enrichment of the society. However, it is also the cause of intercultural tensions that have been witnessed in many countries such as the United States. Intercultural conflicts may take different forms. This might lead…

Cross Cultural Understanding

The first culture that would be considered as a client for this paper is a minority culture of Asian Americans in the United States. Statistically, Asian-Americans compose the fourth largest cultural group in America. However, their cultural group is significantly far from the third one which are the Latin American residents of the country. Also,…

Cross Cultural Studies

Beauty, is anything that appeals, and is incorporated in current fads and trends of the area. Its features drastically vary across the globe where antagonizing manners are adopted. Obesity is such an example, where in the west, obesity is shunned, and admonished, and on the contrary, in the African countries, obesity lures and is considered…

Cross Cultural Psychology

Cross cultural psychology is a sub-discipline within the wide psychology discipline that is concerned with the cultural factors that affects the behavior of human beings. Cross cultural psychology looks at the behavior of humans and its relationship with the mental processes. The behaviors are studies in the context of the cultural conditions taking into consideration…

How can cross cultural psychology be applied to other fields beyond the field of psychology?

Cross cultural psychology can be defined as the study of the mental and behavioral conception of an individual within different cultural backgrounds by describing its invariance and variability. Human psychology is made to change invariably with changing environmental conditions. This process brings about changing dimensions into effects, self conceptions, cognition and psychopathological deviations. Conceptually, this…

Factors that affect the communication process

There are various factors that affect the communication process. Among many of the factors some are very important and play a very important role throughout society, cultural, ethical and individual ways of perspective and communication. Throughout life people have and/or will be faced with the challenge of playing out these roles in society. For example,…

Cross Cultural Leadership

Leadership is the process of getting work done through others. A leader encourages and motivates others towards accomplishment of certain pre-defined organizational goals. The management maintains the status quo whereas the leadership is responsible for predicting fresh solutions and methodologies. The leadership is responsible for motivating people to bring out their best. The modern leader…

Issues Relating Diverse and Cross Cultural Management

The diverse workforce has become a reality today. The impact of cultural diversity varies with the type of environment and firm’s overall strategy. As more and more number of firms move from domestic, multidomestic, multinational strategies to operating as a truly global firm, the significance and impact of cultural diversity increase markedly. Management of cultural…

Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Cross-cultural perspectives are just that, an individual perspectives of other another culture in comparison to another. Cola-Cola was created May 8, 1886 by John Pemberton and Jacobs’ Pharmacy was the first place it was served at. In 1906, Coca-Cola expanded to three countries outside the United States. In 1912, they expanded to the Philippines and…

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