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Illegal Immigration Essay

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Since the United States was founded, people have been interested in migrating here; people would either come to the United States legally or illegally. The purpose of coming to this country was to search for a better life; all these people wanted to get a job so they could make their family and themselves happy. At the beginning, Americans had no problem with these people coming into the United States, but these last few years, the rate at which illegal immigrants come to the U. S. has increased tremendously and now there are many illegal workers living here.

Americans think that these people are a negative influence for the U. S. , and they think that these illegal immigrants should be send back to their native country. The United States government should legalize illegal workers living here so that this country keeps industrializing. A minority of Americans believe that illegal immigrant workers are a bad influence on the United States. Most Republicans think that illegal immigrants are damaging the image of the U. S. ; Many Republicans think that illegal residents are unintelligent people that just come here to make everyone’s lives more complicated.

Many people think that immigrants are only here because they want to take other people’s jobs and money but it is also very important to know that these people are only taking the jobs that Americans don’t want to do, jobs that Americans think are not good enough for them so actually illegal immigrants are not taking anything from the American Citizens. The past few years citizens of United States have been exposed to many situations that have showed them that illegal immigrants are responsible for acts of terrorism.

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For instance, the September 11th terrorist attacks; but just because a group of people commit such awful acts it does not mean that every illegal immigrant is going to turn out to be a terrorist. Americans should still respect them and give them the opportunity to become U. S. citizens or residents. Illegal immigrant workers are a very important factor in the economic, social, and architectural development of the United States. “These illegal immigrant workers do more than the 40 percent of the total U. S. force jobs … from 2008 to 2010, 1. 1 million new migrants ho have entered America since 2008 landed jobs” (Stoddard).

Most of them are farmers, the rest work in landscaping, construction, and all those things that keep our country going. These jobs might seem insignificant to most of us but without these people our economy wouldn’t be the same and the U. S. wouldn’t have much power in the world. The question now is, what if we stop illegal immigration? Bill Moncovich, a strawberry farm owner, explains that “If the borders are closed and we don’t have labor, we’re out of business…we need them more than we need tractors” (Koshinski).

So if these illegal immigrants go away our economy would decrease, everything would be more expensive because there would be no one to do all these jobs. “Half the crop won’t be harvested … because about half of the migrant farm workers we expected this year – didn’t come” (Jerry Dobbins qtd in Koshinski). Also, if there are no illegal immigrants, there would be no one to build houses, schools or hospitals thus slowing down modernization. Another reason why illegal immigrant workers are so important is because they make American lives easier and better.

Without illegal immigrant workers there will be no one to pick our fruits and vegetables; they are the only ones who will do these jobs. We would starve to death, and food prices would go up, affecting us all. Also, most housekeepers and babysitters in the U. S. are illegal immigrants; these ladies take care of our houses, our younger siblings and probably even took care of us. They make our lives easier and better by doing things we wouldn’t want to do.

Farm workers in particular argue that Americans would not do the tough field work” (Kosinski), so without illegal immigrants we wouldn’t be as happy as we are now. Some states in the U. S. know the importance of these people in our country; that’s why they have made efforts to help them. In Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, illegal immigrants can obtain a driver’s license. Edward Acevedo, democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives says that “Immigrants can drive to church, to work, and take their children to school legally and without fear”.

By doing allowing illegal immigrants to have a license they contribute more to the U. S. and allows them to drive with more confidence that they won’t be stopped and asked for their license ,and then be deported for not having it. In conclusion, the government should legalize immigrant workers living in the U. S. because without them our economy would suffer drastically, food prices and taxes would go up, and our environment, society and everyday life wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is now.

So we need the people who are already working here to be legalized so they can help us and our country. They should also have the same rights as everyone in this country; they should not be discriminated against and yes they should pay fines and taxes – which they already do. They should be treated the same. Helping immigrants doesn’t mean that we would have our borders wide open; we still need strict regulations so the government just needs to legalize illegal workers who are currently in the United States. They are the past, present, and future of our Nation.

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